A is for Acoustics

by Mr. Jenkins

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_These recordings sound quite darling through a nice pair of headphones.

_"Sentimental Jury" includes a rhythm track sample from the original archives of the Audio Playground Synthesizer Museum.


released March 20, 2010


_all songs written, performed and produced
by Nicholas M. Jenkins / Spring 2010
at Huge Blue Room Studios / Charleston, SC


(c) Turtlenecking Music



all rights reserved


Mr. Jenkins Charleston, South Carolina

Nicholas M. Jenkins; drummer, composer, sound designer, illustrator.

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Track Name: Opening Instructions
Where "you" are?
Where "we" are?
Track Name: Sentimental Jury
Boy could not relate at times when girl would throw a tantrum
Boy would bury head inside and meditate at random
Girl was only trying hard to understand
Why he couldn't find the words to justify his actions

Boy was not aware of how his silence formed a question
Boy gave girl a reason not to give into suggestion
Girl was only looking for something to hold on to while
Boy was running out of time to make sense of this lesson

It's all about
What the eyes will choose to see
Where the heart just needs to be
[ According to the sentimental jury of all your peers? ]


Girl was really looking for a reason not to panic
Gave herself an extra day to see if she could handle it
"Does he really mean it when he says he loves you?"
Boy was searching for the perfect way to pop the question
Track Name: As It/Were
As it were, there were no people waiting on the lawn for Godot.

But Godard found a friend in a punk-rock teen-aged girl in _____ .

Who said, "Hipsters are not as friendly as they might seem," and "Hustlers can find a great lot to talk about when they need to talk out loud."

"But oh, the colors that they all see!"
"But oh, the tales they seem to all believe will carry on in the dark."

As it were.
(As you were.)