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This compilation was put together as an under the radar fundraiser for a couple of friends who lost their home and nearly all of their belongings due to a fire in early Spring.

Thanks to the musicians who contributed their time and creativity to this project. They lived in both Charleston and New York.

These tracks are newly mixed versions of previously recorded material (found on "A is for Acoustics" and "E is for Electronics").

It will be for sale on a "pay-what-you-will" scale throughout the month of May.

Thank you for listening and for your support.


released May 1, 2010


"Opening Instructions"
vocals: Lindsay Holler
music, lyrics: Jenkins

"All-Star Reunion"
music, vocals, lyrics: Jenkins

vocals, guitar, lyrics, additional engineering: Ashley Hopkins
music: Jenkins

"When It Goes"
vocals, lyrics: Michael Hanf
music: Jenkins

"Red Helmet"
vocals: Jenna Lyles
music, lyrics: Jenkins

"W is for Walrus"
vocals: Bill Carson
music, lyrics: Jenkins

"Pink Glasses"
vocals, lyrics, music: Jenkins
vocals, guitar, bass: Ashley Hopkins
vocals: the Amazing Mittens (Noodle + Eden)
additional engineering: Dan McCurry

"To The Movies"
additional engineering, vocals: Dan McCurry
music, lyrics: Jenkins




all rights reserved


Mr. Jenkins Charleston, South Carolina

Nicholas M. Jenkins; drummer, composer, sound designer, illustrator.

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Track Name: Opening Instructions (feat. Lindsay Holler)
These kinds of days
Pull me away
Clouds on the lawn
Pull me down from

Bed is a mess
"What was that?"
All of the signs
Are pointing back

Where we are
Where you are
Where we are
Where you are
Where we are
Track Name: All-Star Reunion: Tiny Blue Room Version
You were not around
When the news came to me
You were out working in the yard

I was trying hard
Not to cry out loud
It was all over the radio and tv stations


We were not prepared for this

Can you tell me why, when and how such
Distaster strikes when we are not prepared
Someone else has to come and fight for
All that we've preserved
All we've got here and all we've not yet
Found the time to build
What's the meaning

Well, maybe there's a way
We can take everything that we need
For the time we've got
We've got left to live
'Cause there's so much to give

I was fast asleep
Wondering if today was the day
He would not awake
And he did not wake
But, he gave me this
Track Name: Honey (feat. Ashley Hopkins)
For the rain cloud patterns darkening
Twisted and listless
You give me the medicine

For the undone ceaseless calamities
I can hardly listen 'til you give me the medicine, honey

Hollow-handed limitations
No connections
None worth saving
But, you set me straight

For the ages that trendlessly fluctuate
Leave houses abandoned
You give me the medicine, honey

Hallow-handed limitation
No connections
None worth saving
But, you set me straight
And you kept me safe, honey
Track Name: When It Goes (feat. Michael Hanf)
In a flash like a cameo
Could be something but I can't be sure
Too late now

In a box like it's comatose
Keeping thoughts so that no one knows
Jealous, so jealous

At the bar in a sorry state
If you ask nice, I still won't behave
It's my nature

In a house somewhere upstate
It's so quiet you can hear the stars moving in place
Moving in place

And so it goes
And so it goes
And so it goes
When it goes
Track Name: Red Helmet (feat. Jenna Lyles)
Sometimes, I think
I see you ride your bike
Down my street, I get happy
And anxious, too

You're on my mind
Like all the time
Track Name: W is for Walrus (feat. Bill Carson)
(Break it down.)

Are we there
Can we see the spot
Crashing waves against the rocks
I can't wait to lose my socks

Something strange
Something beautiful
Something grabbed me by the brain
It had me rethink the game

Built it up just to break it down
Just to hear it make a sound
Just to feel it all around

How I wish for another one
One more day to feel the sun
Basking over everyone
Track Name: Pink Glasses (feat. Ashley Hopkins, The Amazing Mittens)
Pink glasses on
Brown eyes on
A pale face on
A bent body on
A bumpy sidewalk

Carrying other
Bent bodies with
Long faces with
Brown and blue eyes
Behind old frames

Making pet sounds
Wanting new owners
But, avoiding contact

Sometimes all we need is
Just a bump from someone else
Track Name: To The Movies (feat. Daniel McCurry)
I want to walk to the movie with you
Just holding hands on a walk, yes it's true
Find us some snacks on the way and see the view
Into the valley of the future with you

Anywhere you want to go
I just want to be right with you and see you through
Every new season changing over and into
Every other season
The reason is simply:
You put me in a better place
Even when the place I'm in isn't all that bad
I'm so glad that you seem to feel the same way
About the way the day is not quite as grand

(Unless I am)

Getting to walk to the movies with you
Clasping your hands in the late afternoon
Feeding you fruit and talking with you
I want to walk to the movies with you