Bad Habits, Good Ideas

by Mr. Jenkins

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    This is one of the first Mr. Jenkins "Mix Tapes" made, compiled of songs from 2006 to 2007.




released August 26, 2007


_all songs written, performed and produced
by Nicholas M. Jenkins / 2006 - 2007
at Tiny Bee Attic Studios / Charleston, SC

_additional guitar, sounds, engineering
by Ash Hopkins (Kangaroo)


(c) Turtlenecking Music



all rights reserved


Mr. Jenkins Charleston, South Carolina

Nicholas M. Jenkins; drummer, composer, sound designer, illustrator.

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Track Name: Curiosity = Dead Cats

Carry on / Play along / Don't try to question / Who the man is behind the silver curtain / He is none to behold / No one important / All you need is to know what you've been told here

You need to keep a leash on your many inquires / I've no time to tell you these things / Why must you bother me / Time and time and time again / Broken down and fixed again / All you've seen is nothing more than some dream from once before / Just a dream and nothing more / Please, keep moving

_Let it go.
_Drop it all.
_Let it go

Give it up / Turn around / Nothing to see here / Take your mind for a hike / Go paint a picture of what you think you have seen and destroy it / Leave it all up to me / You only work here

Oh, boy you're pushing it / You're really pushing it / I'm asking you to quit before you ruin it / For everyone around working without a sound / Filing in two by two / If you knew what I knew then I would be like you / I used to be like you

_Curiosity killed the cat?