Greatest Hits

by Mr. Jenkins



released April 1, 2015


Extra, Ordinary_I'm attracted to the extraordinary. You're so extraordinary. I'm distracted. Jets_I was wondering if you were coming back; left so quickly I didn't know how to react. Are you forgetting something? Everybody's got somewhere to hide. Well, where's your hideout? Where's your greener shade of grass? Yeah, we were something! We were special. It's so good to see you! I know you. / There's not a lot of light left, but that's okay because you were born an improviser. And who's to say you can't burn a forest with a lighter or feed a small family? You were always a fighter. Here comes the rain again. When all you see are stop signs it's hard to tell which way is right. And you're not as young as you were, but that's okay. We'll improvise on a time machine or something to warn yourself not to fall for somebody who's a dreamer or anyone who resembles me. [Meows.] _Where do we go now? / Bloom Where You're Planted_and take what you're granted. One idea begets another. One full year begets another. Where you've run, no one's ever thought to run. / Open your eyes and Take To The Meadows. Unclench your fists and feel the petals. They fight for air and drinking water. As the world turns, we'll depend on what we disguise from one another. Run, tell your sisters and tell your brothers: we're not estranged from one another! Look, there's a tree with birds and berries! Look to the sea. It's oh-so-very near to the edge of someotherbrother's tree. Run away with me? We'll carry on somewhere beneath some sullen moon on a barley street. We'll walk alone with silent green beneath our feet. / Are you tired of The Runaround, child? Because your worn and flaccid posture would suggest that you haven't slept at all in weeks. And inside there seems to be a light that wants to shine but cannot shine. And why won't you be real with me? Are you tired of the runaround now? It could be you and me entangled in an open sea of blankets, but instead: you're adding up the calls from boys and girls you're just really not that into anyway. Come add it up to me. Compromise and/or No Surprise_Look me in the face when I talk to you. Look into my eyes. I've got so many (feelings to relate). I will compromise. You show me yours and I will show you my history in dreams. I know you've got some of the same ideas. Lay them out with me. Compromise? Compromise! Compromise... (Oh.) Women like Sheryl Crow look for stronger men. Can I be your man? I'd audition wearing a turtleneck and a red beret. Look at trees while wind blows over them. Take my hand in yours. This dream is becoming our history. Take me back in doors. No surprise... No surprise? No surprise! (Oh!) Suddenly, I don't feel so afraid._Suddenly, I don't feel so strange; don't feel so afraid anymore. You surely feel it, too? It's become the new Policy Of Truth. You know just what you have to do to be happier: ah-ha! Awkward tensions; weird phrases ensue. What are you feeling? Am I talking to much? / [Scat intro.] We don't need to run away just to find a sacred space. We just need to draw the shades. Let the sun travel to some other neighbors' backyard window. We could go undercover like some old folks who don't care to know & do away with smoke screens and dollar signs. Off_The Record to hit the mark to see the ending. Where to start? Now: to hold it down to see the sun come up to paint the town just to get through. [Simple rap break.] People do/don't/won't, but I will ask you to please stand still. "What's your name? And your number?" Write it down on this page. Fold it up. You might get bored over the summer in the heat, trading sweat for shade and soggy napkins, lemonade and other things fit for two: like me and you (like you and me). We could be so happy if we tried to be happy. Dark, Clouds_don't bother me now. I, for one, have found a little ray of sun and it shines pretty on those foggy evenings and dimly lit streets through/inside the corners of my heart. Dark clouds beneath my sneakers, I'll push above through the ether & make a bed in Leo Minor. Dream on, crazy person. Just like me, you can't see the rain for all the rays of sunlight. I like that it (all) came just from seeing you. Ah... All That I Have_is a melody for you. It stays with me all the day and all night through. Seasons change and I remain calm because I know I'm a little weird inside when you're not around. Everything makes sense with YOU. First, Last, Best_This song, it is the ____ song. And the ____ song, it is the ____ one. Everybody knows the ____ songs tend to be ____ ones. We're so lucky that the ____ song happens to be one.


_this compilation made possible by Hearts & Plugs / Charleston, SC
_all songs written, performed, and produced by Nicholas M. Jenkins
_additional vocals on "Where Do We Go Now?" by AnnaMarieVu
_additional engineering, mixing, and file restoration by Daniel J. McCurry / Apartment A (H&P)
_album art by N. Jenkins & Megan Elger / Apartment A (H&P)
_mastered by Kenny McWilliams at Archer Avenue / Columbia, SC
_MANY THANKS to: my friends, my family, my dears, loved ones, departed ones, the Universe
_(c) Turtlenecking Music / (p) Hearts & Plugs 2015



all rights reserved


Mr. Jenkins Charleston, South Carolina

Nicholas M. Jenkins; drummer, composer, sound designer, illustrator.

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