2011: Dancing Music & Past Lives

by Mr. Jenkins




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__Recording Software/Equipment:
- 2009 Macbook w/internal microphone
- Garageband recording, programming, and editing
software (70% MIDI)
- Verizon LG cellular phone as sampling device

- Vader, 7a sticks
- beer bottle caps
- 20" (unidentified) kick drum
- 16" Mapex custom snare drum
- Zildjian cymbals
- 2 human hands (hi end)
- table tops (low end)

- plastic Honher 32 student melodica
- (unidentified) acoustic upright piano

__Various Inspirations/Extreme Conditions:
- Brooklyn, NY
- distance & space
- Charleston, SC
- Stanley Kubrick
- Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel, James Figurine)
- Bjork
- Tyondai Braxton
- modern cinema
- music in headphones
- world travelers
- my 1st (real) Winter in NYC

__Various Locations of Recording:
- Ridgewood / Bushwick
- Williamsburg
- Prospect Park
- Joe's Pub, Manhattan
- on the Amtrak to/from Charleston, SC
- a tiny apartment bedroom

__Many thanks, much respect, applause & gratitude to
(in no particular order):

Conrad Guevara, Melinda Mead Scharstein, Daniel McCurry, Megan Elger, Hope and Union Coffee Company, "Mouse" (J.C.), The MF'n JAC, David Linaburg and Isabelle Selby, Kain Naylor, TJ Pallas, Lauren Buckowsky, Allison Duncil, Caz McCall, Melanie Charles, Maryse Jean Baptiste, Michael Hanf, Young Jean Lee's Theater Company, Future Wife, Joe's Pub, Clementine Sainty, Lauren Slusher, John-Flor, AnnaMarie, Amy and Ruben, Meme Antenna, Supercore (Justin! Miya! Allison!), The New Music Collective, Bang On A Can, Asphalt Orchestra, David Byrne, Annie Clark, Gloria Jenkins, Kelsey Jenkins, Ni'Ger Brisbane and family, David Stickel and Beth Lovett, Charleston (S.C.), Apple, Panasonic, BandCamp, and especially: The Commercials Home Studio Audience


Again, in the most sincere way:



released May 9, 2011

_all songs written, performed and produced
by Nicholas M. Jenkins / Winter - Spring 2011
at Madison Cubed Studios / Brooklyn, NY

_album art image courtesy of Conrad Guevara:
"Gold Standard" (2010)
hand-cut Mylar, paper, fringe on panel, 48”x48”x3”


Contact: mrjenkinsmusic at gmail dot com


(c) Turtlenecking Music



all rights reserved


Mr. Jenkins Charleston, South Carolina

Nicholas M. Jenkins; drummer, composer, sound designer, illustrator.

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Track Name: Open_Up
Open up your heart to me.
We could be so happy if you'd only open up.
Track Name: Greatly = Gradually
We were two high schoolers making out in the park. We were looking out for no one but the two of us. There were alarms ringing all around us but we didn't care.

And it grew dark.

(And now, it's Spring again.)
Track Name: Off_The Record
We don't need to run away just to find a sacred place. We just need to draw the shades; let the sun travel to some other neighbor's backyard window. We could go undercover like some old folks who don't care to know and do away with the smoke screens and dollar signs.

Off the record to hit the mark
To see the ending
Where to start, now
To hold it down
To see the sun come up
To paint the town

Just to get through


People do. People don't. People won't, but I will ask you to please stand still. What's your name and your number? Write it down on this page. I'll fold it up and keep it close. You might get bored over the Summer in the heat; trading sweat for shade and soggy napkins,
lemonade and other things fit for two like me and you. You and me, we could be...


We could be so happy if we tried to be.
Track Name: New Purple Carpet
Why are you surprised? This room is just what you wanted it to be. Count your losses, boy. Please believe that you are not so replaceable. When will this place get to know your turtlenecking tendencies and royal underscoring?

Here's a pillow for your neck.

Don't be a sour face in a magazine. Don't forget to write home. Get what you came to get. Anything else, you can share with your neighbors.

Don't pull the plug if you need a reading light. Give a little nod when you're finished, and when you're finished sweep your new "purple" carpet.
Track Name: Shadebed
So, what's the password?

The password is: What.


Put your best face forward. Give it your best shot.


Something on the way made you stay/made you wait for it. And what for? What for? Get to the bottom of this...

Something on the way made you wait/made you play for keeps. Get to the bottom, now...
Track Name: ;
Warning = [ 2:40 ]