8 Bits + Pieces

by Mr. Jenkins

(free) 02:44


released August 26, 2010


_many thanks to: Josh Nissenboim (Fuzzco) for the Reason tutorial / Dan McCurry (Run Dan Run) for the use of his magical glockenspiel / Erin McKinley for the playing violin on "Lovenest" / Jen Baker (Asphalt Orchestra) for the Laugh Track on "This Guy" / YOU for listening.

_lyrics, music, programming, sampling and all other instruments by Nicholas M. Jenkins with the aid of GarageBand, Reason, mobile phones and other recording devices.

_album art photography courtesy of Melinda M. Scharstein.


Contact: paperjenkins at gmail dot com
For more info: paperjenkins dot com


(c) Turtlenecking Music



all rights reserved


Mr. Jenkins Charleston, South Carolina

Nicholas M. Jenkins; drummer, composer, sound designer, illustrator.

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Track Name: Take To The Meadows
Open your eyes and take to the meadows. Unclench your fists and feel the petals. They fight for air and drinking water. As the world turns, we'll depend on what we disguise from one another. Run, tell your sister and your brother. We're not estranged from one another. Look, there's a tree with birds and berries. Look to the sea, it's oh-so-very near to the edge of some other brother's tree. Run away with me? We'll carry on somewhere beneath some sullen moon on a barley street. We'll walk alone with silent green beneath our feet.
Track Name: Dark, Clouds
Dark clouds don't bother me now. I, for one, have found a little ray of sun and it shines pretty on those foggy evenings and dimly lit streets (to) the corners of my heart, easily so. Dark clouds beneath my sneakers. I'll push above through the ether, make a bed in Leo minor. Dream on, crazy person. Just like me, you can't see the rain for all the rays of sunlight. I like that it came just from seeing you.
Track Name: Lovenest
This chord is for my brother. May it ring strong and proud. This chord is for my sister. May it ring just as loud. This chord is for my mother; how she helped me to get there and back on track. This chord is for my father (a good man). This chord is for our lovenest. May it be a sacred spot on the map of miracle things.
Track Name: Blush
On the way back to her house, you might taste something in the air. Don't recoil, just recall how all the birdies sing, "You two look good together." On the way up the narrow stairs to her apartment, you'll find some comfort there. Don't freak out. Just sit down. Just spin some records. Make lots of eye contact. Honestly, you won't be quite the same after you play this game. (Two hearts on a trampoline.) You might just rush to meet her. You might make a fuss to need her. Kick all the dust from your sneakers. She might make you blush. All the way back to your house on your own won't be quite so bad. She might want you to call day after next for some lunch or something.
Track Name: This Guy
This guy wants to take you on a date and this guy wants to show you around. This guy wants to show you all his private drawings and all of his fantastical ideas about the world and the universe. This guy sees so many new bright colors and new possibilities of being human just from hearing you laugh. This guy wants to see you very soon.